Alzines, 2 – 17732 Sant Llorenç de la Muga (Girona)

 972 56 92 25 / 636 14 07 70

Hostal de l'aigua

Alzines, 2 – 17732 Sant Llorenç de la Muga (Girona)

 972 56 92 25 / 636 14 07 70

Meat and Fish menu


Burrata salad with marinated cherry tomatoes and spinach (C)

Prawn tart with avocado mayonnaise (C)

Goat’s cheese and foie-gras rolls with cep sauce (only weekends)

Spinach and ham cannelloni with parmesan bechamel

Coca (savoury pastry) of wild mushrooms and butifarra (Catalan pork sausage) with caramelized onion

Salt cod pie with caramelized pepper on a hummus base (C)

Main courses

Roast pork cheek with gnocchi (alternative side dish with Basmati rice) (C)

Beef entrails with caramelized pepper and almond sauce (C)

Fine herb-rubbed young chicken with baked potatoes and tomatoes (C)

Vegetables and lamb tajine with Basmati rice (only weekends) (C)

Baked salt cod with onion and tomato confit on a sweet potato parmentier base (C)

Grilled cuttlefish with pesto and pistachio powder accompanied by chargrilled vegetables (C)


All the desserts are homemade

Cheesecake with red berry coulis (C)

Puff pastry with sweet angel hair vermicelli with cinnamon ice cream

Lemon and mint ice cream (C)

Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting

Hazelnut mousse with hot chocolate (C)

Bread and water included



Weekends and holidays


(G) Gluten free