Alzines, 2 – 17732 Sant Llorenç de la Muga (Girona)

 972 56 92 25 / 636 14 07 70

Hostal de l'aigua

Alzines, 2 – 17732 Sant Llorenç de la Muga (Girona)

 972 56 92 25 / 636 14 07 70

Vegan and Vegetarian menu


Italian burrata salad with conffited cherry, tender spinach and olive vinaigrette (C)

Rice roll with vegetables in curry (V)(C)

Coca (crunchy bread) with spicy vegetables and romesco sauce (V)

Tofu sticks covered with sesame and served with tomato marmalade from l’Olivet de Mas
Ferran, from Terrades (V)(C)

Pasta stuffed of sweet potato cream with hazelnut and parmesan oil (vegan parmesan option) (V)(C)

Main courses

Stewed seitan with mushrooms(V)

Quinoa paella with vegetables of the season (V)(C)

Spinach and blueberry lasagne with vegetal bechamel (V)

Pumpkin and mushrooms burguers (V)

Vegetables tajin (vegetables of the season, chickpeas and couscous) (V)(C)


All the desserts are homemade

Lemon mousse (V)(C)

White chocolate cake with nectarine, from l’Olivet de Mas Ferran from Terrades, topping

Chocolate coulant with homemade red fruits ice cream

Hazelnut mousse with hot chocolate (V)(C)

Carrot cake

Spiced pinneaple with cinnamon homemade icre-cream (V)(C)


Bread and water included



Weekends and holidays


(V) Vegan dish

(C) Gluten free